Hope Bars with Eiffel Tower in background

"I discovered these at Whole Foods in Boston. One day they sold out so I decided to google to see if I could buy them online. After some quick research, I found out a mom (Christine) all the way up in New Hampshire was making them!! I had her on the show to tell her how much I love them. It seems as though everyone who orders these bars falls in love with them. If you’re like me, constantly looking for healthy snacks, I hope this helps you discover a good thing going on with a blooming (and I suspect soon to be booming) local business. She’s not paying me to say this, I’m just excited to share the snack news with you!! I found a unicorn here. It’s a healthy snack that tastes great. Keep up the great work!"
-- TJ Taormina, Host of the TJ Show on Boston's 103.3 AMP Radio


“These nutritious and delicious Hope Bars are great! They were a hit and literally gone within seconds! You are on to something!”
— Lauren Foundos,
Founder of Forte Fit, NYC


“Hope Bars have restored my hope in quinoa! They taste so fresh. And the dried cherries! I’m in love.”
— Vanessa Levy
Fitness Trainer Forte Fit in NYC


“I was checking out at Whole Foods and the cashier asked me what was so great about these bars because they were flying off the shelves. I told her she just needed to try one and she would understand”
Lisa Waite,
Boston, MA


If you haven’t tried out these Hope Bars then WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
They are like mini rice krispy treats, but made with more nutritious ingredients, and taste WAY better in my opinion. The variety is crazy, and they literally have a flavor for anybody! Like chocolate? They’ve got that. Like coconut? They’ve got that. Like fruity flavors? They’ve got that.
To me they make the perfect snack for when you just craving something sweet.
Couldn’t recommend these more, trust me.
--Tiana, Instagram health and fitness blogger


I am seriously obsessed with how good Hope Bars are & HIGHLY recommend you get yourself some •• and NO the company did not ask me to say a single thing about them. When ya make somethin’ good, people are gonna talk about it.
Kyla, Instagram nutrition blogger, dietetic intern


“I love your Hope Bars! I try to eat healthy by avoiding flour and added sugar, so Hope Bars fit the bill. Plus they’re convenient and delicious! I leave for work at 4:30am, so I take one with me to eat on the road and actually look forward to my daily commute! ”
Sue Hughes,
Waynoka, OK


“I love Hope Bars! I can usually get 2 snacks out of one. Or even have one for breakfast. They are a healthy treat with a low calorie count. Just what I love.”
Sally Willis,
Portland, ME

“I loved these bars after first bite. They are natural, healthy and delicious. My kids love them. Keep the flavors coming.”
— Gina Poole,
West Hartford, CT


“I have been a fan since I first discovered these at my local Whole Foods last year. I went online to see where I could purchase and I was thrilled to see you had an online option and I could now purchase by the case. The bars are delicious, great for an on the go snack (with an apple) and are allergy friendly for my little one with allergies as well.  My biggest problem is choosing a favorite flavor.  I eat a Hope Bar almost every afternoon as a snack and always before a tennis match.  I now have several women on my tennis team hooked as well! Keep making these healthy and delicious snack bars!"
-- Kimberly Borans
Waxhaw, North Carolina