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Antioxidant PowerBerry


Our antioxidant blueberry quinoa bars pack a powerful combination of blueberries and vanilla and are one of our favorites. We have combined one of the most nutrient packed super fruits with quinoa and created one powerhouse snack! Loaded with all the powerful antioxidants from the berries, along with the omega 3 rich hemp seeds, combined with the endless nutritional benefits of quinoa, this bar truly is what dreams are made of!

This bar will give you the power to: __________________________ (insert life goal here)

100% Clean!

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, No refined sugar. 100% Plant Based,

100% Delicious!

They make a great travel snack and are perfect for post-workout nourishment...we recommend dangling this blueberry quinoa bar in front of you during your workout! 

1.6 ounces each
10 Antioxidant Blueberry Quinoa bars per case 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yummy & healthy!!!

I got a box of the Power Berry bars & a variety pack in my one & only order so far. I love these bars! I got too many for one person to eat, so I froze some. They're great just out of the freezer! I love them all & will get more soon. I'm so glad I heard about you. (I think it may have been on the Today Show.)

Hooray for Hope!

My entire family enjoys Hope Bars. We keep them in the freezer and grab one when we’re on the go. It’s great to have a healthy treat that tastes so good. In these troubled times, it’s always wise to reach for hope!

Love them!

I could eat them all day. I love clean options and my kids love the variety pack as well.

Excellent product

I purchased 3 different flavors of bars and find them all to be delicious. I've been sharing them with friends and family and the all agree that the product is excellent!