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Chocolate Coconut Quinoa bars


Our Chocolate Coconut Quinoa bars are full of powerful antioxidants and made without honey for our vegan friends...we also added a bit of dark chocolate and hints of coconut to make this flavor combination irresistible! Is there such thing as a health Mounds bars? We think so...try it and let us know!
100% Clean!

100% Clean!

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO, No refined sugar. 100% Plant Based

100% Delicious!

Insider tip: pop one in the'll love it!



1.6 ounces each

10 Chocolate Coconut Quinoa bars per case

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

This is my first time trying Hope Bars. The chocolate coconut are amazing! Love the chocolate/peanut butter flavor!! Sweet treat for your sweet tooth. Large enough to share too! I will be ordering again!!

Danielle Capalbo
Good but too sweet

Please reduce sugar by at least 25%


I have to say these are delicious. I have tried every healthy bar out there and the taste leaves a lot to be desired but I am seriously addicted to these. Only downside is that whole foods is always sold out of most of the flavors

Deborah Szabo
Chocolate Coconut Quinoa Bars

I am addicted! These tasty treats combine wonderful, healthy ingredients that will satisfy any sweet tooth. I plan to have at least one box in my freezer at all times for emergencies and at least one box within quick reach for when I'm on the go. My husband just went on a business trip, and when I reached into the box, I discovered he'd taken half the box with him! That's why I always have to have another box (or two) in the freezer!

Sherry Simoneau
Chocolate Coconut Quinoa Bars

We have been purchasing the bars at Wholefoods and having trouble getting them as they sell out so fast so I ordered online. GREAT company AWESOME service My mom and sister lover the Antioxidant Blueberry, I lover the Dark Chocolate Cherry I purchased the Chocolate Coconut Quinoa Bars by accident, not sure how we will like those. Thought I purchased the Almond Coconut